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Chinese girls

Chinese girls photos

Most couples in mixed marriages involving a Chinese partner meet in one of China’s major metropolises. Such marriages were virtually unheard of between the founding of New China in 1949 and the mid-1980s. Since then, the number of mixed marriages has grown steadily — coincidentally with the influx of foreigners.
You can meet an date a beautiful girl from China.
Chinese girls really like foreigners so don’t be shy.
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How to meet sexy Chinese girls:  If you want to meet a beautiful China girl,  then buy a round trip ticket to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, or other Chinese cities is not too expensive, only about $1,000 and sometimes you can get a really good tour package. Some of the best places to meet nice Chinese girls are where the girls work, such as in restaurants, department stores, etc. The really nice ones have basic jobs and aren’t out looking for a rich guy or a green card. They are honest and very practical girls who are looking for the right guy. Hotel prices can be from about $40 per day to $100 per day, and you can get long term cheaper rates if you look around. Sometimes you can find a cheaper apartment for about $400 per month.

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You don’t need to speak Chinese but if you are able to say a few words, such as ni hao (hello), or xie xie (thank you) will really impress them and they’ll probably tell you your Chinese is very good.


Chinese women for dating, marriage, penpals, girlfriends, photos. If you visit China, the most famous places to
meet beautiful Chinese women are: Sichuan, Suzhou, Hainan. In Sichuan Province you can find so many beautiful
girls. Foreign men think it’s a paradise. Also, if you go to Hainan Island near Hong Kong you can find lots of girls
but be careful because some of them come there for business like massage, but there are still plenty of nice girls there too.


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In Suzhou there are lots of pretty China girls too, and Suzhou has a history of attracting beautiful Chinese women because some of the ancient Emperor’s family lived there and it became a center of attraction for young Chinese women to come to for a chance to become part of the royal families. But, if you go to Xinjiang Province you’ll be amazed that many of the girls do belly dance at the local restaurants and entertainment places. Many are mixed with European so they have a very different look than the 100% Han Chinese. You got to see them, really beautiful. Even very few have blue eyes. The culture is so different there. Definitely a place to visit and see beautiful girls.
If you want to meet girls in China, there are two ways that can get results:

China girl
China girl

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1) start looking at websites and penpal services, and then start writing to the Chinese girls that seem interesting to you. Get their personal email addresses and phone number. Get into some personal matters such as has she been married, does she have any children now, does she have a boyfriend, does she want a Green Card. Some Chinese girls want a Green Card to the US. That’s only natural, but you have to be careful about how strong they are in this desire. You want to find someone that likes you first, and the Green Card second, or hopefully they don’t really care about a green card. Many men have found good women in China by using internet chat rooms and email, but it is a little risky until you get to meet them personally and see what they’re really like.
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Chinese girls in bikinis on the beach. Beautiful!

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2) Take a trip to China and plan on spending a month there, if possible. Ten days would be OK, but you really can’t get to know someone in that short a time. Hotel rates aren’t that bad if you do some research. Many of the local girls are very nice and humble. You can find some really good quality girls working in restaurants, or on the staff of some local companies. Stay away from the girls in the nightclubs and bars and hotel lobbies. They are very attractive, but that’s what they get paid for. Most of the traditional Chinese girls are not outspoken so you have to lead the conversation at first.

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Chinese girls dating, marriage, penpals, how to meet girls in China, where to find nice girls that are pretty and make good girlfriends or wives. Travel to China is about $1,100 round trip from Los Angeles to Beijing. You might really like Shanghai, it’s very western style. Before Chinese girls used to want to get green cards to other countries, by marrying foreigners, but now China is becoming rich so the girls are always looking for  green cards anymore. They can make more money in China than by coming to the US or Europe. But they do like foreigners and the life in the other countries so they are willing to move if they meet the right guy. They can be very supportive and are willing to work hard to help the family. They also appreciate it if you like Chinese food because that is an important part of their culture and tradition. They love to cook for you and wash and take care of the home. They can also help with your business and usually will do anything they can to help make it successful.

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Meet Chinese girls for dating and marriage

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